Job description:


Main responsibilities

• Implementation of technical supervision of construction and installation work, acceptance of work and completed facilities

• Monitoring the implementation of construction plans, compliance with the volumes, terms and quality of construction and installation work, as well as the quality of materials, products, structures of the approved design and estimate documentation, drawings, building codes and standards, technical conditions, labor protection standards

• Budgeting of the construction and execution of applications

• Working with the estimated normative documentation on the volume and types of work and costs

• Development of defective statements, technical specifications, schedules, cost calculations for design and construction work


Primary requirements

• At least 3 years of experience in maintaining facilities for reconstruction and revision with their subsequent commissioning

• Experience in the preparation of technical documentation for competitions and auctions in terms of the formation of documentation for overhaul and reconstruction of 3 years

• Higher education in the field of construction and work experience of 3 years or more as a builder-engineer

• Confident user of MSOffice, AutoCAD, other programs for preparing estimates

• Knowledge of modern principles and technologies, materials

• Knowledge of the regulatory framework


Required Skills

• Innovative

• Team player

• Openness

• Time management

• Responsive


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