Decision Making Analyst

Job description

Duties and responsibilities

  • Conducting an analysis of the loan portfolio;

  • Construction of various models (credit scoring, collection scoring, behavioral scoring, fraud scoring, etc.) and rules for assessing credit risks in making decisions;

  • Customization, implementation and testing of developed models and rules in the decision-making system;

  • Support for the performance of models and monitoring / evaluation of their effectiveness and quality;

  • Making suggestions for improving business processes

Required skills and qualifications


  • Higher education in mathematics / statistics, economics / finance, IT;

  • Good mathematical training, knowledge of probability theory, mathematical statistics;

  • Experience in analyzing large amounts of structured and unstructured data;

  • Experience in setting up, implementing, testing models and rules in the decision-making system;

  • Possession of MS Office, Excel at the advanced user level;

  • Knowledge of SQL queries;

  • High learning ability;

  • Analytical thinking;

  • Stress resistance;

  • Efficiency, determination, the ability to finish the job to the end;

  • Having experience working as a credit risk analyst in retail banks, mobile phone companies (Beeline, etc.), insurance companies will be an advantage

  • Knowledge of machine learning methods, experience with data analysis tools and Python libraries;

  • Experience in risk assessment and automatic credit rating will be an advantage;

  • Experience in building models in specialized software (SAS Enterprise Miner, Oracle Miner, STATISTICA, RapidMiner, SPSS, R, Python (Pandas, numpy, scikit-learn) will be an advantage

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