Data Analyst (Chapter Leader)

Job description:

Main responsibilities:


  • Development of a work system for a chapter

  • Data mining from primary and secondary sources

  • Analysis and interpretation of results using statistical tools and techniques

  • Identify trends and patterns in data sets

  • Maintaining and preparing full reports on the results of research, analysis and work to provide top management of the company

  • Participation in the design, creation and maintenance of databases and data systems

  • Development of recommendations, forecasts (development, dynamics of important indicators) and marketing strategies

  • Preparation and issuance of TOR for marketers and other team members

  • Analysis and forecasting of the results of planned advertising campaigns, loyalty programs

  • Advisory support for the sales team and internal projects

  • Work on pricing, tariff line, etc.

Primary requirements:


  • Higher education

  • Successful experience in a similar position from 3 years

  • Computer literacy (MS Office suite)

  • Ability to work with computer programs for analytics (for example, SPSS, Marketing Analytic and others)

  • Knowledge of supporting programs and methods that speed up work (Power Query, Business Intelligence, Google Analytics and others)

  • Digital orientation

  • Excellent research and analysis skills

  • Excellent negotiation, communication, presentation skills

  • Energy, self-motivation

  • Responsibility, determination, focus on results

  • Russian and English language - fluency, Uzbek - are desirable


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