Job description:


Main functions:

  • Takes ownership, leads and coordinates refurbishing processes of the Bank branches or other back office buildings;

  • Searching for a new building for the Bank

  • Preparing and presenting zone planning, design proposals

  • Producing detailed drawings, designs, space zonings and comply with brand/branch book guidelines, statutory and regulatory standards for different types of buildings and structures

  • Negotiating with contractors and other professionals

  • Attending regular meetings with clients, contractors and other specialists

  • Coordinating the work of contractors

  • Making site visits to check on progress to ensure that construction adheres to architectural plans

  • Dealing with problems that might come up during building.

  • Meet with clients to determine objectives and requirements for structures

  • Estimate the amount of required materials, equipment, and construction time

  • Prepare structure specifications

  • Direct workers/contractors who prepare drawings and documents

  • Prepare scaled drawings with computer software and by hand

  • Prepare contract documents for building contractors

  • Manage construction contracts




  • Degree in architecture / experience working on Bank’s branches, retail shops, offices;

  • Three years of supervised practical experience in an architectural or other construction-related practice

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral

  • High levels of creativity and imagination

  • A keen interest in the built environment and the dedication to see projects through to their conclusion

  • Knowledge of relevant regulations and laws

  • Excellent design and drafting skills and proficiency with computer-aided design (CAD)

  • A keen eye for detail, as well as the ability to see the bigger picture of a project

  • Organizational, project management and planning skills, including the ability to juggle multiple tasks

  • An analytical mind with excellent problem-solving and mathematical ability

  • Leadership skills as well as the ability to work well within a team of other professionals



  • Innovative

  • Team worker

  • Open

  • Direct

  • Sense of urgency

  • Fast




  • English

  • Russian

  • Uzbek



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