Head of Recounting Unit

Job description:

Main responsibilities

  • Check the correctness of the implementation of work by cashiers on sorting, counting, packing and transferring to each other, receiving cash and securities

  • Presence at the reception and opening of cash bags delivered by the collector (cashier) and drawing up an act in the event of shortages or surpluses

  • Storage of cash bags received from the group of collectors of collection bags (sacks)

  • Checking cashiers and taking all appropriate measures in case of non-compliance with the reporting instructions

  • Handing over to the head of the cash register a control sheet and other acts required by the instruction

  • Ensuring confidentiality and safety of information, monitoring compliance with ethical standards of conduct in the team

  • Informing the head and employee of internal control about questionable operations


Primary requirements

  • Secondary special / higher education in the banking / financial / economic sphere

  • Competent oral and written communication

  • Knowledge of Uzbek and Russian languages

  • Knowledge of the labor law of Uzbekistan

  • Knowledge of the operating rules of money - counting, packaging machines, devices for the examination of banknotes

  • Knowledge of regulatory legal acts related to cash transactions

  • Developed leadership and organizational skills



  • Innovation

  • Team player

  • Openness

  • Time management

  • Responsiveness




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