Job description:


  • Node.js, TypeScript, Javascript

  • Understanding of TCP, HTTP, WebSocket

  • Understanding of the protocols SOAP-XML, SOAP-JSON, JSON-RPC

  • Work with the database, MongoDB, Redis, Elastic

  • Ability to configure Nginx

  • Experience with unit testing and TDD (Mocha / Chai / Sinon)

  • Ability to work with Git, Github, Bitbucket

  • Confident use of the Linux console

  • Ability to find a solution for difficult situations

  • Adaptability to study of new technologies

  • Ability to Review someone else's code

  • Ability to deal with third-party APIs

  • Experience with large data sets


Main responsibilities

  • Support of an existing application

  • Ability to promptly solve emerging problems

  • Timely update of the changing interfaces of adjacent systems or updating libraries

  • Introducing new functionality

  • Integration with new services

  • Writing code in accordance with the style of the existing one

  • Supporting the code of uniformity in the project

  • Writing respective documentation for code


In preference

  • Understanding of the checkout problems and tuning the performance of a working system

  • Deep knowledge in the field of database design and optimization

  • Analytical mindset


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