Job description:


  • Establish and manage a relationship with correspondent banks

  • Manage in-country and country to country money transfers and transactions;

  • Maximize automation level of transactions while increasing their efficiency and accuracy

  • Create and update when needed department’s effective policy

  • Create effective system to discover operational risks ASAP and minimize them

  • Negotiate partner banks about credit lines etc.

  • Manage and control balance on correspondent accounts

  • Monitor and control document flow and operations

  • Control transit accounts

Cash processsing center:

  • Implement and put in practice cash operation processes and procedures to support branches, cash centers, ATMs and other Banking machines with constant cash;

  • Maintain strong internal controls for payment collections at the payment receipt location level and safeguarding against loss;

  • Perform continuous improvement of all aspects of cash management and responsible for monitoring, management, forecasting and the provision of commercial insight over cash

  • Daily, weekly and monthly cash flow forecasting, reporting and variance analysis;

  • Recommendation and implementation of improvements to cash management processes, cash reporting and cash controls

  • Day to day management of transactional banking relationships

  • Monitor the Cash Center operations and work closely with partner financial institutions; 

  • Implement and put in practice existing regulations including CBU;

Centralized back office:

  • Check the existence of all valid documents after credit risk department approves loan to clients;

  • After approving the loans, make relevant transaction to transfer money on client’s account. If necessary, communication with client in order to check important details;

  • Manage incasos, seizures, court disputes, notifications/requests from the Procurator’s office etc. 

  • Manage over limit transaction authorizations.

  • Manage new product registrations and control existence of relevant/valid documents.

  • Manage, control and check transactions are made according to legislation etc. 

  • Manage achieving processes: collect documents from branches and store them according to regulations;

  • Manage relationships with unsatisfied clients and make relevant reporting;

  • Excellent execution of the obligatory actions in accordance to applicable rules and regulations;

  • Timely introduction of changes to staff in product standards, procedures or regulations and control of the performance;

  • Minimizing errors and operating losses in the process;

  • Systematically work on perfection and fasten existing back office processes to increase customer satisfaction by minimizing customer waiting time;

  • Develop and maintain strong controlling tools to monitor systematically compliance  

  • Other tasks related to back office work to support fully front office operations. 

Main requirenment:

  • Minimum of a Degree (Banking, Finance or related area)

  • Minimum 4 years of managerial experience in Banks or financial institutions

  • Solid Knowledge of Banking Products and processes.

  • Post graduate degree (MBA desirable)

  • Uzbek, Russian and English languages;

  • Knowledge of relevant laws, regulations and instructions;

  • Successful team management skills

  • Advance knowledge of MS office applications (MS Office, Excel, outlook etc.).

  • Good knowledge of core banking system – IABS 24x7

  • Experience of participating in process optimization projects with demonstrated achieved results;

  • Cash management experience is an advantage ideally in Banking industry

  • Customer Driven


  • Leadership

  • Strategic vision

  • Communicability

  • Negotiation

  • Presentation skills

  • Ability to make decisions independently

  • Feeling of responsibility

  • Team management and team management skills

  • Analytical thinking skills

  • Ability to process and analyze data

  • Initiative

  • Innovative vision skills

  • Organizing and planning activities

  • Outcome oriented

  • Ability to process and analyze data

  • Quick adaptability to novelty


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