CFO (Payme)

Job description:

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Establish methodology for the quantitative analysis of company business various components

  • Financial models development

  • Development of models that describes various elements of the company business (influx / outflow of customers, the impact of product settings (rates and periods, amounts) on the business profitability)

  • Establishment / implementation of reserve calculation methodologies

  • Creation of tools for scenario analysis and stress testing

  • Trainings for analysts to use their own developments

  • Interaction with Risk and Commerce Managers.

Required skills and qualifications:

  • Higher education in finance, economics

  • Successful experience in the position of CFO from 5 years

  • Knowledge of National accounting standards and IFRS their standards and reporting

  • Experience in analytics

  • Experience in financial modeling or creating methodologies for evaluating business elements

  • Understanding of retail / loan business processes

  • Proficiency in Russian, Uzbek and English

  • ACCA qualification is desirable

  • MBA or CPA will be an advantage

  • Excellent presentation and communication skills

  • Management and leadership skills, successful negotiation skills.

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