Job description:

Due to expansion plan in Uzbekistan TBC is setting branch offices in Tashkent.

To start operation of the branches we are hiring Payroll accountant  front office network who will be reporting to Chief accountant.

Main functions:

  • Correctly and timely process accounting primary documents for payroll.

  • Carry out a range of work on the calculation of wages, equivalent payments.  Know the accounting of other expenses for employees, as well as property income of employees.

  • Monitor the timely repayment of debts attributable to employees in terms of wages and by writ of execution and other obligations.

  • Correctly and timely accrue, withhold and pay taxes and mandatory contributions for payroll.

  • Have skills in submitting tax and statistical reporting regarding staff costs.  Reconcile accordingly.

  • Introduce advanced forms and methods of accounting based on the widespread use of computer technology.

  • Ensure the safety of the accounting archive.


Main requirements:

  • Education: higher economic

  • Knowledge: Tax and Labor legislation, the procedure for calculating wages, vacation pay, benefits and other accruals to company employees.

  • Work experience as an accountant: at least 3 years

  • Knowledge of languages: Russian, Uzbek, English - preferably;

  • Responsibility, attentiveness, accuracy, diligence, flexibility;

Experience in the banking sector will be predominant.

Please send your CV to

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